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Need a memory refresher....uh, MINE! LOL!

XP Installation

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#1 Troubled Widow

Troubled Widow

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Posted 18 February 2015 - 07:11 AM

:) Hi everyone,


I've already googled my fingers to the bone tonight looking for the info that I need. I guess I just don't know how to ask the right way to get to this info. So, I'm here to ask if any of you can help me out.


I have an older laptop that I've "upgraded" a bit just enough to run PCLinuxOS 2014. That is running OK.


Now, I'm trying to install XP on it so that I can still do what it does so well - Office XP and other oldest legacy software that I still like that Windows 7 just won't run, etc. - ..anyway, when I start installation with my floppies the thing asks for information in the form of this command prompt "A:\>" minus the quotes. A LONG time ago I knew what to enter there to install XP on the primary drive in a two hard drive system. I can't recall for the life of me what that was. Anyway, One drive was all C drive and the other was all D drive.


The drive in this laptop has been partitioned (using the PCLOS) into three partitions. PCLOS resides on one partition, I'm trying to get XP installed on another partition that has been set up, formatted and named just for it, and the last partition will be where I store the files that I will want to a. back up and b. easily get to from either OS.


Because the partition that XP will go to is already set up so that the installation process should recognise it, all I need to do is direct that installation TO it from the floppies and ultimately the CD. That is where that "A:\> prompt" comes in. I think that I do recall having to make three separate entries there before continuing and completing the installation process.


Can anyone here please refresh my feeble memory as to exactly what is supposed to be entered there? You would make me so very happy!!! Thank you in advance for any help you can give me with this project. 53.gif


P.S.: If you're wondering why I didn't install XP first, it's because of those floppies. This laptop has no floppie drive so I have to use an external floppy drive/usb device. GRUB in PCLOS has been edited (by my LUG members) to give the choice point to that drive at startup along with booting into either OS, the equivelant of PCLOS Safe Mode, and mem-test. This is how I'm getting to "A:\> prompt" to begin with. If you're wondering why XP? Uh, because I want to and I CAN! LOL! ...or at least I'm gonna give it a heck of a shot!!! hehehe 19.gif




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#2 Troubled Widow

Troubled Widow

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 03:50 AM

Well, I posted my question (above) TWO WEEKS ago and NO ONE has bothered to answer me in any way. Am I to understand that this is a dead forum now? Or am I just being ignored because this is about an obsolete OS?  .....hmmmmmmmmmmmm................. :blink:

#3 boballen



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Posted 29 October 2018 - 08:12 PM

Do you really have floppies?


What model laptop is it?


The command would probably be setup.exe but I am guessing.


I would also try "dir" (no quotes) to see what .exe files there are.


Regards, Bob.

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