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Posted 07 May 2009 - 08:11 AM

A virus reproduces, usually without Flash Website Design permission or knowledge. In general terms they have an infection phase where they reproduce widely and an attack phase where they do whatever damage they are programmed to do (if any). Properties of virus are:

1) A virus is a program that reproduces its own code.
2) Generally, the first thing a virus does is to reproduce (i.e., infect).
3) Viruses balance infection versus detection possibility.
4) Some viruses use a variety of techniques to hide themselves.
5) On some defined trigger, some viruses will then activate.
6) Viruses need time to establish a beachhead, so even if they activate they often will wait before doing so.
7) Not all viruses activate, but all viruses steal system resources and often have bugs that might do destructive things.

Symptoms of virus are: Strange system behavior or system breakdown, Files missing or programs not working, Slow operation of the computer, Corruption or deletion of data and possible sources

Viruses can be spread due to following reasons: Reused floppy disks from unknown sources, Disks from home or school, Disks borrowed from friends, Programs downloaded from BBSs(Bulletin board system) or online services, Software bargains(from non-reputable dealers), Re-shrink wrapped or opened software, Pirated software and Preformatted floppy disks.

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