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Below are all news articles for June 2005

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Title: Morpheus Releases Its Most Powerful File Sharing Software Ever
p2p news:

p2p life After nearly two years in development and in the face of an expected landmark Supreme Court ruling, StreamCast Networks, Inc., the creator of the popular Morpheus file-sharing software, today announced the ...

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 122 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-24 06:48:17GMT

Title: FTC Issues Balanced Perspective on P2P
p2p news:

p2p life The U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued a report derived from its Staff Workshop on P2P, and the 51-page document presents a remarkably balanced, unhysterical, alarm-reducing view of file-sharing. The purpose ...

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 108 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-24 06:39:29GMT

Title: BitTorrent gives movie executives a headache
p2p news:

p2p life The FBI doesn't like it. The Department of Homeland Security in the US is so concerned that it has closed down Web sites related to it.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 116 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-24 05:32:07GMT

Title: Computer leaks data on nuke plants
p2p news:

p2p life By Frances Burns Jun. 23, 2005 at 11:26PM Inspection reports and manuals on Japan's nuclear plants have appeared on the Internet.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 116 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-24 04:57:56GMT

Title: Morpheus 5.0 beta released
p2p news:

p2p life Accurate or not, StreamCast Networks has just released the free beta of its Morpheus 5.0, a brand new p2p application that arrives without third party spyware, adware or bundles.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 151 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-23 00:18:54GMT

Title: The Best of Weblogs, Inc.
p2p news:

p2p life The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 80 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across 75 industry-leading blogs.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 133 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-22 23:16:18GMT

Title: File-Swapping May Be Here to Stay
p2p news:

p2p life Recording companies have begun taking steps to legitimize the peer-to-peer technology that lets computer users share songs, video and other files with one another online.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 119 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-22 22:49:31GMT

Title: File-swapping may be here to stay (Reg Req'd)
p2p news:

p2p life Four years after it shuttered the original Napster with a legal assault, the recording industry is taking a different approach to online file-swapping: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Recording companies have ...

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 129 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-22 22:37:17GMT

Title: Tracking Microsoft's 'BitTorrent killer' (Reg Req'd)
p2p news:

p2p life There have been tons of stories on Microsoft's Avalanche file-sharing project in recent weeks.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 136 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-22 21:18:15GMT

Title: Spain arrests 186 in child porn crackdown
p2p news:

p2p life Spanish police have arrested 186 people throughout the country in a crackdown on the distribution of child pornography, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 137 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-22 16:10:07GMT

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