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Below are all news articles for June 2005

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Title: 2p wake up call
p2p news:

p2p life However, the illusion is a vital component of their efforts to re-gain control of their consumer bases, which are steadily eroding as the influence of the internet and p2p increase.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 113 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-13 17:44:00GMT

Title: 6 in N.C. face child porn charges
p2p news:

p2p life A North Carolina crime taskforce arrested six people suspected of having child pornography in their homes, according to postal inspectors.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 101 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-13 16:11:00GMT

Title: Tour the Collectives of Cyberspace
p2p news:

p2p life The Internet isn't just about e-mail or the Web anymore. Increasingly, people online are taking the power of the Internet back into their own hands.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 103 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-13 15:59:00GMT

Title: Metallica Ringtone Site
p2p news:

p2p life It makes sense that hyper-controlling Metallica, the band that went postal over the original Napster and tried to shut down file-sharing single-handedly, would insert itself in the ringtone food chain.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 108 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-10 00:01:00GMT

Title: BitMover Releases BitKeeper 3.2.4
p2p news:

p2p life BitMover Inc, the provider of BitKeeper, the industry's only peer-to-peer collaborative development tool, today announced the release of the eagerly anticipated 3.2.4 version of BitKeeper.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 110 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 23:06:00GMT

Title: Canadian copyright revisions
p2p news:

p2p life So says CIPPIC lawyer David Fewer in a paper slated to appear in the next issue of Butterworth & #x2019;s Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 113 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 19:46:00GMT

Title: Legal downloading heats up
p2p news:

p2p life XA-MP101, XA-MP51 mp3 players. Zaurus SL-C3100 Panasonic P901iS American Express introduces 'contactless' cards Apple to start Japan iTunes service in August Siemens and BenQ to forge partnership Kenwood ...

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 111 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 11:20:00GMT

Title: The Future of Peer to Peer Networks to be Decided Next Week
p2p news:

p2p life Some are calling this one of the most important cases ever with regards to online file swapping.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 109 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 08:57:00GMT

Title: Charity warns on filesharing
p2p news:

p2p life It used to be setting the video recorder that baffled parents but came as second nature to their offspring; today it's downloading music from the internet.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 114 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 06:19:00GMT

Title: Paying For Downloads? Why Not?
p2p news:

p2p life NPD just released some new figures suggesting that paid musical downloads are catching up to free albeit illegal, peer to peer downloads.

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Checked by: p2p news Times Read: 111 Comments: 0 Date Posted: 2005-06-09 05:16:00GMT

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