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Title: torrentbox

URL: http://www.torrentbox.com

"TorrentBox is a stable and reliable tracker that has been around now for over a year."


Transfer of ownership...
As earlier stated, because of personal reasons I am removing myself from any connections with TorrentBox. Instead of selling it for a few extra bucks to someone who's only interest is ad revenue and money, I am instead giving it to our good friend who runs isoHunt. This transfer will be taking place over the next few weeks.
isoHunt's ownership will allow the site to be maintained much better and will offer the greatest good for the bittorrent community.
If anyone would prefer their account details to NOT be carried over during the transfer, they can delete their account by clicking here: Delete Account
The last year and a half have been absolutely great, and I have enjoyed every minite of it. I truely believe that under the ownership of isoHunt, TorrentBox will finally be able to achieve it's full potential.
Goodnight moon, goodnight stars. - Hohead



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